5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Oooh Oooh Oooh Ooh.

My blogging hiatus didn't last long. 1234 American casualties in Iraq as of Friday the 26th. 44 more since my last count.

Guess I feel like I need to keep posting this number at least, because no on else does. It is buried in the back alleys of CNN's website near such links as stats on "Tornado Season in the US."

It's elementary, I guess.


Ignorance is bliss... And I need some bliss

I am afraid I am going to have to tear a page from the book of the other 51% today. I need a break from the information flood. I read someone else's blog this week who was also taking a break from what they called "the obsessive world of blogging." I am not sure if I would put myself in that category, but I can see what he was saying. Being so in tune with every political happening can be energizing to some. It was for me too, for a while. But now, especially after the election results, I am just having a hard time doing it. I guess it's because I feel so much less in control. Before the election, my attention to events and my words may have helped sway some people. Now, while they can still serve to enlighten some, we are in for four more years no matter what. I am afraid I have to put my head in the sand for a while. That's not to say I'm done completely, but it might mean a break and then a change in focus. Writing is so cathartic for me, but this type of writing has started to impact my stress level negatively.

When you have a child, you can't afford to wallow in cynicism and negativity. I am afraid for what the next four years have in store for us. But, for her sake, I have to stay positive and focus on the things that really count -- our family, planning a third birthday party with sugar plum fairies, taking care of my house, yoga, and the other things that bring positive energy into my life. Like my husband said on election day when I was a puddle of stress, "you are going to have to get your shit together if you plan to be some kind of activist." (jokingly of course) It's true though... I guess I just don't have the personality which can be so involved in something and not fully absorb it into my life. I take everything on with full steam -- I don't do neutral.

In the interim, I am going to try to get the children's book I wrote published and will let you know if I have any success. I am also going to start thinking about the novel I have been trying to write for years. Who knows, maybe something will finally materialize beyond the first chapter. And my husband has been doing a lot of Podcasting and is figuring all of that stuff out... so maybe I will make a guest appearance there and share my thoughts. I'll post a URL if I do.

Signing off for now. Thanks to everyone who has been reading. Take care of yourselves and the people around you.


1190. 1190. 1190.

As of today, 1190 US soldiers have been killed in Iraq. That is 66 more deaths since my last update a little over a week ago.

The media stopped everything it was doing (i.e. tracking the latest Scott Peterson developments or reporting on a loose tiger in South Florida) and reported when we hit that 1000 death mark. Well, 200 deaths later we have no more hope, no more information, and no new plans for extrication. The media won't even look up for this one. And our President is so woefully delirious, it is not even worth listening to him say how "wonderfully things are going" again.

Maybe 2000 deaths will be worthy of candles and sanctimonious fluff anchors looking serious. But, maybe not.

My new signature line is appropriate again... God Help America.

I Smell A Rat... Redux

Here's an interesting article from the pollster Zogby's site written by Colin Shea regarding potential election fraud. Read it.

(On edit, it was removed from the Zogby site, but I found it on freezerbox)

The Last and Only Vestige of Reason

So in the beginning, I thought that I could at least tolerate the first illegitimate Bush Administration because of Colin Powell. I respect him on many levels. Long and short of it, he's gone. His resignation was announced this morning.

God Help America.


Neti Pots and Playdough

It's an interesting thing... most doctors dismiss holistic or natural medicine as ridiculous and the doings of "witch" doctors (lots of talk about witches lately -- I wonder how long it is going to take for the stake to come back in that evil state of Massachusetts). Well, I have been having a lot of trouble with my sinuses lately. My entire head has felt like it was going to fall over and it was getting to a point where my equilibrium felt off because my ears were so messed up. So, I went to the doctor. My doctor is great. Very down to earth, very professional, but not too quick to dismiss natural remedies. I also like him because he left a corporate, HMO-driven hospital practice and now has his own office.

Well, he told me my ears were filled with fluid, but not infected. And he also told me about the "neti pot." It is an Indian way to cleanse your sinuses, which most in that society do daily. It is like a little teapot that you fill with warm water and sea salt, you pour it into one nostril and it comes out the other (while you contort your head into an interesting position). It's a very gross thought, but hey I am in a sharing mood.

Well it works. And if you want to put the manufacturers of Sudafed, Actifed, Contac, etc. out of business, then this will do it. I am not discounting the fact that pharmaceuticals are necessary and helpful, but all the drugs we take on a daily basis are really not necessary. I am telling you this thing works and it clears out my whole head, even my ears.

Not really political discussion today, but hey, with things about ready to blow in the Middle East, I need a day to talk about little things. And because as I am writing this, I am being asked by my daughter to create the entire cast of Shrek in playdough (my favorite medium), I am not really focused on the news. Maybe that's a good thing.

BTW, if you want a neti pot, go to your local health food store. And as far as the cast of Shrek formed in Playdough, well, my art awaits me.


Three Men I Now Love: Stewart, Olbermann, and Mencken

"As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron."

H.L. Mencken (1880 - 1956)

I Smell A Very Large Rat

Read Keith Olbermann's latest on voter fraud. Regardless of the election outcome, if we don't fix this stuff our democracy is in jeopardy. In no uncertain terms.

Here's another interesting piece on Kerry's very low profile in all of this, Inside The Election Fraud Battle.

Rovey Way to Powerful For Me

Want to know how the Rove Administration works? Read this article by Ron Suskind.

Why Are These Men Laughing?

Makes you wonder what part two of this will look like?

I Love Jon Stewart!

From last night's Daily Show...

"We begin tonight with a shakeup in the cabinet. After serving President Bush for four glorious, terror-filled years, Attorney General John Ashcroft announced his resignation yesterday with a statement reading in part, 'the objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved.'

"OK! Done, and done. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to cure cancer. Call you after turkey day.

"The resignation came in the form of a five-page letter Ashcroft handwrote so that, quote, 'its confidentiality could be maintained.' So apparently America is safe other than the computers at the Justice Department. But really, how important are those intelligence-wise?"


Back To The Future?

Interesting historical perspective... all this puritanical garbage hasn't taken us back to the 1950's, but more like the 1920's!

At the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner the following things were said in advance of the 1960 election between Nixon and Kennedy. Alfred Smith was a Roman Catholic who ran for president in 1928 against Herbert Hoover. He lost. Hoover was a Quaker. The NYT also cites that Nixon was a Quaker.
New York Times, October 20, 1960
"Candidates Term Religion Less of an Issue Than in ’28"
By Leo Egan


I am confident that whatever their verdict, Republican or Democratic, myself or Mr. Nixon, that their judgment will not be based on any extraneous issue but on the real issues of our time, on what is best for our country, on the hard facts that face us, on the convictions of the candidates, and their parties, and on their ability to interpret them.


Religion should not be an issue in a campaign… and it will not be, certainly, if those of us who are of goodwill – as Senator Kennedy is, and I am, and we would trust our supporters will be – do everything we can to keep the real issues before the American people by not discussing religion.


This Way To The Dump

As I was driving today, I noticed a Kerry/Edwards sign in someone's pile for the trash man. It hurt. It was more than just the act of throwing the sign away, it was a visual symbol of loss and the futility of our fight. So many put yard signs up for the first time in their life (me included). And last Wednesday, I didn't want to take it down. The election was a collective obsession for many months. The flurry of news reports, politcal maneuverings, and competition for yard sign space among neighbors were just a few signs of the nation's attention. And maybe naively, I saw all as symbols of hope. Hope that our nation would make the right choice. Hope that if I got involved, things would turn out in my favor. Hope that people would wake up and smell the fascism.

But they didn't.

And now what? Aside from the sheer disgust of thinking about how much worse things could be four years from now, all of us in the Opposition Party (I like it much better than minority) are forced to face the question of "what to do now"? Do we have the energy to stay involved? Do we have the stomach to even watch the news any more? Do we hold out any hope that the Bush Administration will be taken down by their own doing? Was there widespread fraud? Will anyone in the substream media ever report on it? Will we ever change it? Do we throw away our yard signs?

I am not sure. But the trash man's coming and we better decide what's going in the pile.

Red States For A Reason

They are literally in the red. Guess what Red America, you don't pay your fair share of the bills. And yes, you have land mass, but land mass doesn't vote. People vote. So, the way I see it is that it's time for you to pay your own dues. Us Blue States are sort of sick of doing it for you.

And by the way you don't lead in morals or sanctity of marriage either, did you know that liberal Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate in the nation? Or that Kentucky has one of the highest?

Here's an interesting map related to red state welfare.

And you want to talk about a scathing commentary... read this article at

I can see that unity coming somewhere over in the distance...


Warts, Castles, and the Hibachi Table

As I am sitting here watching the new Shrek movie with my daughter and husband, I can't help but think about what we are struggling against. I often wondered why people got so up in arms with Disney... I think I am starting to get it. I am thinking about Christmas time. We were talking about going to Disneyworld. As I saw my daughter watching Shrek with wide eyes as they showed the king and queen's castle, I couldn't help but want her to feel that magic in person. I would love for her to see the castle at Disneyworld, have breakfast with Cinderella, and give her a magical experience that she would never forget.

But, what I am teaching her? It is a false reality. Only in America could we create a theme park to teach us about foreign lands. But when we visit, we learn nothing about appreciating other cultures, nothing about accepting differences, nothing except "wow, those Japanese people must have fun at the dinner table!" We see actors. We do not see citizens. We see people who provide nothing more than quaint stores with beer steins and fake "americanized" foreign food. We then go back to the Magic Kingdom and we see what is the preferred, ideal lifestyle. Forget the fjords of Norway, or the dances of Morocco-- go back to the whitebread castle of beautiful people, princesses and princes, and good versus evil. Go back to Celebration, where the streets are picture perfect, the front porches from days of old, and the infrastructure never fails. It is a false reality. One that people deperately want to get back to... one that never really existed.

The perfection of "real" royalty was made up. They were inbred, murderous, selfish, and threw people in dungeons for trying to change the status quo. In that sense, nothing has changed. The perfection of the 1950's in America was made up. Life was simpler, it seemed. But it wasn't. People cheated on their spouses, drank too much, had homosexual affairs, and abortions. People were racist, jingoistic, mysoginistic, and tried to throw people in jail for trying to change the status quo. But like good protestants, we repressed it all.

Life is not tidy. It is not "perfect." But none of our problems are new. All of our problems are the same as ever -- fear of those who are different than we are, fear of who we really are, selfishness, and greed.

Anyone who tries to tell you differently is living on a stage with tunnels running underneath to transport all of the messy stuff. Real life has trash, death, and struggle. I'll cast my vote for reality, truth, and ugly ogres any day -- warts and all.

And maybe this Christmas we will go to an actual country rather than a fake world.



These numbers march on. Fifteen more US casualties since my last post (what seems to be lifetimes ago).

New Bloggers

The line of pissed off people is getting longer. Check out my friend Kevin's new blog, "Primo Ponders."

Also, my friend Chris's new blog that he promises to start posting on... The Voices In My Head. Beautiful name, by the way! He has some comments on the "Stand Up and Be Heard" post here that are fantastic.

What's Next

Yesterday was one of the darkest days I have ever had, but today I am trying to move forward.

We are all trying to figure out what is next after Bush's jihad came to America. Here's one idea. Join the organizations (and donate) that we are going to need over the next four years (or more). Pick the ones that are most important to you and I am sure you will all have more suggestions than I even do.

I think I might give up Target for a while and pick one new organization every month.

Here are my ideas...

Planned Parenthood
Union of Concerned Scientists
Democratic Underground

Add to the list, please....


They Were All Around Me And I Didn't Notice

I went to Target today to try to get my mind off of this. I probably shouldn't be supporting the economy right now, but with a two year old at home, I had to do something. What I noticed is how blind I have been. When I stood in line to vote yesterday (for an hour), I was behind two young women with toddler-aged kids. I instantly thought how great it was... I assumed we were like-minded. But then they started talking politics and about how they couldn't understand anyone who would support John Kerry because of partial birth abortion. As if Kerry really likes the practice (his view, by the way, is that it needs to stay legal in case the mother's health is in jeopardy).

But they went on to say that "how could you be a mother and support that kind of a candidate?" I am sure they were trying to get to me as I showed up with a Kerry button on and had mentioned I had a daughter about the age of one of their's. They talked about how their pastors had impacted their vote, but how newspapers shouldn't be allowed to endorse political candidates. How could we be so different? One word: fundamental religion.

I am a Christian, even went to Catholic school for a while, but I am also educated. And I am going to say it right here, right now... the majority of fundamental Christians are uneducated, bigoted, and concerned with the right to life in only one case. Where are they when the baby is born into poverty, when soldiers die in war, or when people are executed on death row?

The hypocrisy would be even worse if they were smart enough to recognize it.

What I saw around me at Target were Bush voters. People like I stood next to in the voting line. They came out in droves. And I must now accept that half of the country supports the mission.

The Kerry signs were everywhere in this town, but the Bush signs were hidden under the rock that is fundamentalism.

Stand Up and Be Heard (and I promise no Diebold Machines)

I don't ask this often, but this is a roll call. I know you are visiting (I see the stats). Please provide some comments about how you are feeling and where we go next.

The Termites Are Blowing In The Wind

I am not even sure how to start. I know I have to write or I am going to lose it. I cannot even look at the media sites, so I have no idea what the status of everything is. I just know that we lost.

I couldn't even watch last night. But then of course I was up almost all night tossing and turning. I didn't want to turn the TV on, but couldn't not turn it on. I woke up in a mode that was basically a full blown anxiety attack -- shaking, crying, chest pain, and a general feeling of weakness in my body.

Yesterday the idiots of this country united. And the Republican party is all too happy to have them. They united them around divisive social issues like abortion and gay marriage. And now they have a mandate to govern. And govern they will, with literally no checks and balances. Even Tom Brokaw said it last night, this election was about God, gays, and guns. Absolutely disgusting.

The idiots came out of the woodwork like termites crawling out of rotting wood. Reason and rationality were defeated by religion. And I said long ago that this election was going to be just as much a mandate on corporate media -- it was, but they won. And the masses are going to live for many more days of swallowing the kool aid they love to drip on your tongues.

So if you hate people that are different than you, love your guns, and are racked with Bush-induced fear, you won yesterday. Unfortunately, everyone else lost big time. I had a feeling that it was going to take substream America until a second term to realize how bad this administration is. Some of them will.

But the rest will just continue on their crusade.